Tahltan culture is intracately woven into all aspects of language, art, governance, law and everyday life.  Our stories and legends preserve our history, and guide our way of relating to all living things. As an example, our stories provide inspiration to talented Tahltan artists, who enshrine our stories into beautiful moccassins, drums, blankets and other valuables. These are just some of the ways in which Tahltan culture is preserved and shared with the world.

Our culture is organized through a matrilinear clan system. This means that crests and inheritance are passed down through the mother. Since time immomorial, this system has provided the basis of Tahltan law and governance.  Despite the imposition of a settler society form of government (through the Indian Act), the matralineal system remains the foundational governing structure of the Tahltan people.

The Tahltan Nation is divided into two clans, the Crow (or Tsesk'iya) and the Wolf (or Ch'ioyone).  Each clan is further divided into several family groups.  Legends about the Crow and Raven continue to guide the Tahltan people about the best way of living, for example, by the principles of determination, generosity and resourcefulness among others.