Tahltan Nation Marks Sovereignty Anniversary With New Signage on Highway 37

Oct. 17/12

Dease Lake, B.C. - October 18th, 2012:  The Tahltan Nation will celebrate Tahltan Day with the installation of a new sign along Highway 37 to remind visitors they are entering Tahltan Traditional Territory.

The 4-by-8-foot sign will become a permanent marker along Highway 37, at the southern entrance to the Tahltan territory near Deltaic Creek, and will read: “You Are Now Entering Tahltan Territory Dena Nenn Sogga Neh’ine (Keepers of the Land).” 

The installation will take place October 18th, which marks the 102nd anniversary of the 1910 Declaration of the Tahltan Tribe. The Declaration affirms sovereign rights to the Tahltan people to over 97,000 square kilometres of traditional territory in northwest British Columbia.

“Within Tahltan territory there is an abundance of industrial activities and Tahltan people are experiencing the impacts,” says Annita McPhee, President of the Tahltan Central Council.

“It is important that we respect our 1910 Declaration and 1987 Resource development policies which remind us that we have a stewardship responsibility for our lands, which includes the assertion of our sovereignty for Tahltan lands.  The Tahltan sign on Highway 37 is one way that we will identify to others that they are entering Tahltan lands.”

This sign will not only let travelers know when they are entering Tahltan territory, but is important for industry and government, which have responsibilities to consult on all proposed project activity, says McPhee.

“We also hope the sign will instill a sense of pride for Tahltan people when they come home or visit our territory, as it demonstrates Tahltan government support for the continued development and strength of Tahltan rights to the land,” says McPhee.

The sign includes the logo from the celebration of the 1910 Declaration and was designed by local Tahltan artist, Huey Carlick.

To view the location of the southern entrance to Tahltan territory please use the following link: http://maps.google.ca/?ll=56.546237,-129.548721&spn=0.057157,0.098534&t=...

For additional information contact Annita McPhee, Tahltan Central Council chair

Cell: 604-809-5910| annitamcphee@gmail.com