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Fri. Apr. 24/15

Agreement will provide jobs, cash and environmental oversight of gold-copper mine in northwest B.C.

Wed. Mar. 11/15

Dr. Judy Thompson speaks about Tahltan language revitalization with Robert Pictou from Open Connection. 

Tue. Sep. 9/14

The B.C. government has placed a temporary hold on coal exploration permits in the Klappan, a northern area where the local First Nation has protested, blockaded and is going to court to protect.

Wed. Aug. 20/14

A pair of Vancouver cyclists say they're aiming for positive change,  with their bike tour to the area of the northwest called the Sacred Headwaters of the Nass, Skeena and Stikine Rivers.

Sun. Aug. 17/14

The Tahltan Central Council has yet to decide if it’ll accept a proposal to have an independent third party conduct a review of the tailings pond design for the almost-completed Red Chris copper mine.

Fri. Aug. 15/14

Tahltan and Neskonlith oppose development of Imperial Metals mines in their neighbourhoods

Wed. Aug. 13/14

BC's Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett said he met with Tahltan leadership this morning at Iskut to discuss a blockade currently set up against Imperial Metals' Red Chris Mine.

Mon. Aug. 11/14

he Tahltan Band Council last week introduced new rules for permission to use the only road into the Tahltan community of Telegraph Creek, in British Columbia, after a series of close calls and mishaps on the road.

Tahltan group pushes back against Red Chris Mine
Fri. Aug. 8/14

A group of Tahltan elders have set up a blockade of Imperial Metals' Red Chris Mine.

The action by the Klabona Keepers is in response to the Mount Polley Mine tailings pond breach that leaked mining waste into Hazeltine Creek and into Quesnel Lake near the town of Likely, B.C. Aug. 5, resulting in a drinking water ban and state of emergency in that area.

'Cycle to the Sacred' raises funds for Klabona Keepers
Thu. Jul. 31/14

Lasst summer, a group of athlete-activists called Beyond Boarding spent time roaming the B.C. countryside learning about resource expansion and filming a documentary.

The film, titled Northern Grease, culminated with the group spending six weeks with members of the Tahltan Nation in their traditional lands known as the Sacred Headwaters, and documented a group called the Klabona Keepers and its fight against resource expansion in B.C.'s north.