Henry Quock - A Great Tahltan Elder Leaves Us

Tue. Nov. 13/12

The younger brother of 92 year old Tahltan elder Roy Quock, passed away today. Henry Quock succumbed to a struggle with cancer.

“He was a great man and seemed to love everybody,” stated August Brown as he remembered his friend, “He worked as a prospector, staked claims, worked on the rivers snagging, worked as a guide for big game outfitters and even for fisheries. Just about everything a guy can work doing.”

“One of my favourite memories is looking up to Henry riding Broncs, which got me interested in riding Broncs too.

“He made things real; he was a real story teller. He liked to talk about hunting sheep; always interested in talking about what he did. He was a good person, good natured, respecting animals and the land.”

Henry’s home was Telegraph Creek where many of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren still reside.