Information Concerning Our Projects

Please follow the links below to find comprehensive information concerning each of the projects that the Tahltan Central Council is working on for the Nation.

The Tahltan Central Council is creating a current contact list of people of Tahltan descent.

Tahltan Nation is working on a new Nation-wide Health and Wellness strategy, aimed at improving health and lifestyles, land based cultural revitalization, and health transportation services.

The Red Chris project is a proposed open pit copper-gold mine to be built in Tahltan territory by the Red Chris Development Company.

Hydro and mining projects have created opportunities for us to improve every aspect of our communities. At the same, we want to minimize the potential negative impacts on our Tahltan way of life.

How will we get Tahltan Nation members trained for the resource jobs coming to our communities?

How can we preserve the Tahltan language? The Tahltan Nation wishes to create a new government department that will provide governance and guidance in regards to the revitalization of our language.

The McLymont Creek and Volcano Creek projects are two hydroelectric run-of-river projects that are being built in Tahltan territory.

The Forrest Kerr Project is a 195 megawatt hydroelectric run-of-river project under construction by AltaGas in Tahltan territory. 

The Northwest Transmission Line is a proposed 287-kilovolt, publicly owned transmission line.