Tahltan members are invited to attend community meetings and dinners to find out about how the recent Mount Polley disaster has impacted conversations about the Red Chris mine near Iskut.
Red Chris mine during construction
Response to Klabona Keepers blockade at Imperial Metals' Red Chris Mine
Congratulations to new TCC President Chad Day and new Vice-President Heather Hawkins — and welcome back Secretary-Treasurer Adrian Carlick.
View the Tahltan Central Council Annual Report 2013/14 online.
The Tahltan Central Council has today (June 26, 2014) announced its intention to prepare an Aboriginal title and rights claim against the Province of British Columbia and Fortune Minerals Ltd for the controversial Arctos Anthracite Coal project proposed for Mt. Klappan in the Klappan area of Tahltan territory.
Tahltan Band is pleased to announce that their application for project funding was successful and that the official land planning process for the Parcel A Reserve Lands in Dease Lake will begin on June 23.
Volcano and McLymont Creek revenue sharing agreements reached & renewed funding for SCWG